The Infinite Bridge

Live Performance

May 2015


The Infinite Bridge is a cross-disciplinary theatrical show, featuring orchestral music, digital projection and dance. It premiered on May the 5th 2015 at the Britten Theatre, Royal College of Music, London.

As an integral part of the show, this artwork was commissioned, among other works by several independent artists. It features a bespoke live performance tool designed for real time, generative visuals to be projected on stage. The software consists of a “colony” of autonomous agents which can move freely in a virtual 3D space. Individual agents are quite simple beings; they can move around, self-replicate and die, all in a manner of seconds. The population as a whole, on the other hand, exhibits complex social dynamics and is capable of forming diverse emergent structures.

Real time control is achieved implicitly by adjusting the “genetic code” of subsequent newborn agents, thereby directing their evolution towards more desirable realms. Further, As agents “feed” on specific live sound frequencies, when the music changes — some die while others flourish, rendering the entire colony sound reactive by virtue of natural selection. Due to these subtle control mechanisms, mutation becomes a crucial aspect in the survival of the colony, as it prevents a state of “dead-end evolution”. Conceptually, this work represents the protagonist’s stream of consciousness. It offers a glimpse into a complex, ever changing network of thoughts and emotions, which cannot be expressed as a single thread. It is meant convey a simple, yet powerful idea: “I am a Colony”.

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