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MA thesis project in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths, University of London. SEMICOLONY is series of software experiments in artificial life. The project attempts to explore living behaviour through the use of simulation. Its subjects are abstract - evoking a meditative observation on synthetic living behaviour, rather than offering an analysis of specific living things.

/ Weapons of Mass Surveilance

Generative, real-time custom graphics software for the BBC full length documentary. It features a simulation of a large scale mass surveillance technology and was developed as part of a creative process which occurred in parallel to the film’s production.

/ The Infinite Bridge

Real-time custom software for a live performance at the Royal Collage of Music. It features a network of sound reactive entities that can move and self-replicate autonomously. The systems' behaviour relies on a tention between local behaviour (interactions between its members) and global behaviour (enforced by a human controller - myself, in real time). This tention allows an extremly wide range of expressive forms as the system must autonomously adapt to both the sound spectrum and to ever changing external global conditions.

/ Colony Type-C

A novel totalistic 2D cellular automaton. It is a variant of the sandpile algorithm in which the system necessarily maintains non-equilibrium. This algorithm is unique for its tendency to feature second and third order emergent structures in the form of fractals, hierarchical formations and pathfinding agents.

/ individual Life Form

Real-time audio-visual c++/openframeworks experiment featuring an artificial life simulation. It explores the emergent behavior of a multi-agent system. Conceptually, it is an attempt to portray the tension between being perceived as an individual or as a group.

/ revolving

A genetic software experiment designed to to study how aesthetic preference may be used to drive the evolution of virtual organisms. It features an evolving population of geometric 2D forms competing for the observers' attention. The more attention each form gets –- the more likely it is for its properties (its genotype) to persist in subsequent generations.

/ etcetera

An experimental generative sound composition. Tracks feature a mix of interactive and generative puredata patches, combined with a few field recordings.

/ detox

A Generative sound-film, created from scratch in one day. the score was composed using puredata and Garageband and the visuals using Blender3D.

/ etc A3

Generative sound-film, composed with puredata and visualized in Blender3D.

/ doet

An experimental audio-visual artwork, created in 2011. This work is the result of a two-month long extensive self-learning process of processing and puredata.

Lior Ben-Gai

works with computers and people

Lior is an Israeli computer artist and educator, specializing in custom interactive software. He is emotionally drawn to computer generated graphics, strongly believes in project based learning and enjoys thinking about things he never thought about before.

Lior is currently studying for his phD at Goldsmiths University of London. His research project involves explorations of novel complex behaviours.
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